The following are a few of our rules and regulations to make all tournament guests aware of:

  • You or your guests are not allowed to bring your own alcohol onto our premises, as we are a licensed premise under the terms and conditions of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. This regulation applies to the entire golf course. We provide beverages for sale in our licensed clubhouse and tournament facility and from our licensed beverage cart. As well, you can also arrange for refreshment` hole(s)` through our food and beverage department. Any infringement on this regulation can jeopardize our liquor license and behavior in this area will be monitored closely. A violation could lead to expulsion from our golf course and in a worst-case scenario, could lead to criminal charges.
  • Rainouts – tournaments will be expected to go as scheduled unless the golf course is deemed “unplayable” by Ponoka Community Golf Course Management.
  • Dress code is in effect. Suitable golfing attire must be worn. We do not allow ” short shorts” (shorts must have at least a 6 inch inseam), tank tops or muscle shirts (shirts must have a collar and sleeves). You must wear proper golfing footwear without steel spikes. Soft spikes or flat-soled shoes are required.
  • All golfers will follow and respect the instruction of the course Marshall and Pro Shop staff while enjoying our golf course.
  • Confirmation of tournament numbers, including number of golfers and number of meals, are required by the Ponoka Community Golf Club eight (8)days in advance of your event. You will be allowed a variation of plus or minus 10% of these confirmed numbers in regards to your final invoice.
  • Please ensure all your players are aware of our few rules and regulations to enhance their enjoyment of our golf course and your tournament and also to avoid any disappointment and/or embarrassment on the day of your event.

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