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Open Wednesday – Sunday
10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

$40.00/hour       $30.00/hour members

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Lets face it, golf is a spring, summer and fall sport. And in Alberta even that can even be questionable sometimes. At Ponoka Golf Club, we provide the opportunity to play throughout the winter months, with a guarantee of no wind, rain, lightening or snow while you play. When you play our indoor golf simulators there isn’t any weather that can keep you from honing your game.

On a real golf course, you’d step up to the tee, adjust your grip on the club with both hands, spread your fee and take your swing. WIth any luck, you will hit the ball, launching it into the air and onto the green. With our golf simulators, the procedure is very much the same, except you’re standing on a swing pad, in front of a projector screen that simulates real-world golf courses.

Travel to many of the most famous courses you see the pro’s play on TV. Pebble Beach, Augusta National, Pinehurst or take a gravel overseas and play St Andrews or Royal Potrush. We have so many courses to choose from.

Call 403-783-4626 to book a simulator today.
(available winter months only)

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